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The sweet delight of this chocolate flavored fudge is something you need to experience to believe. The best part is the little requirement of both time and ingredients needed to prepare it. So rid yourself of the necessity of staying in the kitchen for hours to bake the perfect cake. This can be prepared in a matter of minutes and tastes as yummy as it looks.


There are only two ingredients required.
• Sweetened condensed milk
It can be bought or even made at home by blending with hand mixer water, butter, vanilla, sugar and powdered milk. Don’t go through the trouble, buy it.
• Chocolate chips
They are available anywhere easily.
• Walnuts/Peanuts
These are optional additions. You can even swap vanilla for some other flavour to give unique and interesting turns to the flavour – find a combination that suits you best.

• Place these items in a glass bowl and heat in microwave until the chocolate melts – about 3 minutes on low heat or 1 minute on high.
• Take out and stir until the mixture is smooth or heat for additional spans of 30 seconds until needed.
• Pour it in a pan and viola! Your 3 minute chocolate fudge is ready and yes, it is as simple as it sounds.


However, keep it out of reach of children until it is cool, let it stand or refrigerate to speed up the process. Cut into pieces and let your family, friends and guests enjoy these little sweet fudge squares.Untitled-2

Is it a last minute addition you want for your toddler’s birthday party? Or a companion to help you move over a heartbreak? Or perhaps something to gorge on during a late night horror movie? Well, fear not because this 3 minute microwave fudge fits all these roles perfectly. Enjoyed alike by all age groups and extremely easy to make, try this sweet to make your life sweeter.