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5 milk benefits for your daily workout

In the daily hectic schedules and stressful lifestyle, looking after your health has become an important concern. To stay fit and strong many of you follow a regular gym routine. And to ensure that your body is functioning properly, going to the gym has also become an indispensable part of your regular day. Though it has many positives for your health, but sometimes it can also take a toll on your health. When you workout, you invest a huge amount of your energy and physical strength during that time. After a long and rigorous workout session, you need something to refresh, rehydrate and recover all your energies.

However, many people go for drinks or supplements referred by their instructors, but they may not be suitable for all your needs. So, having a drink that will be both beneficial and nutritious for your health is important for everyone who follows a strict workout session. Talking about a healthy and nutritious drink, then no one can forget Milk. Yes, you heard it right. With so many options available in the market, one simply misses out the most healthy and nutrient rich drink, which is milk.

So, let’s have a look at the various benefits of milk for your workout.

Power Rich – Milk is known to be rich with nutrients and one of the most essential is protein. It is known to have plenty of protein along with 8 essential amino acids, which makes it a complete and ready-to-use drink for body repair and growth. Not only that the protein power of milk can also help reduce muscle breakdown and stimulate growth post-workout session.


Rehydrates and Refresh – Another important benefit of milk is that it allows you to restore the fluid, which is lost during exercise. Some studies have also revealed that after exercise some people may face the problem of dehydration due to excessive energy and fluid lost, so in such situations drinking milk after your workout can keep you hydrated for a longer time. Furthermore, it is also stored in your stomach for longer time, which means it releases very slowly into the small intestine, so it is absorbed much more gradually into the blood stream thus helping the body retain fluid. It also has high levels of sodium, which makes it a perfect hydrated drink.


Muscle Buildup – One of the reasons to go for a workout is to build muscle and get a great body. Adding to the muscle building aspect is the nine essential nutrients found in milk, which enable you to keep your muscles healthy. Moreover, it does not make you fat. So, it can be a great source to get those chiseled muscles and healthy body.


Healthy Choice – Since, childhood days we have all heard about the various benefits of milk. And the custom of drinking it every morning has become an important part of our daily schedule. It is a nutrient rich drink and contains vitamin A, D and B vitamins and minerals. All these nutrients are a great source of energy during workouts and also helps maintain stronger bones, proper muscle functioning and fluid balance.


Energy Booster – After workout, you may feel all tired and drained. In all such situations, we feel energy depleted and resulting in the inability to perform daily tasks. So, milk comes to your rescue and providing you with all the vital nutrients. Furthermore, on an average, we need approximately one gram of carbohydrate per each kilogram of body weight to rejuvenate energy stores. However, every time you drink milk within 30 minutes after an intense workout, these stores are replenished with carbohydrates. So, you can work out harder and longer the next day.


So, these were the 5 major reasons about how milk can benefit for your workout. However, it is also important to include fresh and unadulterated milk in your diet. To promote healthy drinking habits Mothers Pride Dairy’s initiative to provide fresh and unadulterated milk and dairy products are a perfect balance of healthy and nutrition!