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In a world full of healthy restaurants, eateries, groceries and farms; in a world running on energy drinks, vitamin pills, zero oil recipes and ready-to-cook dishes; what good will dairy do, right? So, on we go with our lives eating whatever fits our busy schedule rather than what fits our needs. And the end result? A long doctor-recommended break to regain the health we so carelessly neglected.

Amongst the many food items that people neglect, it’s perhaps the dairy products that wear the crown. For some reason, their role is misunderstood as irrelevant in a healthy life. And it is a doctor who finally reveals to them just how important the calcium, potassium and Vitamin D really were. It is better not to wait for such a time and instead incorporate the essential nutrients of dairy products in our busy daily life with these simple ideas:



  • Start the day with a fruit smoothie made with milk or yogurt. Mix ½ a cup of strawberries, peaches or banana chunks in a blender, with 1 cup milk, 5 – 6 ice cubes and blend for 20 seconds.
  • Always add milk to your cereal.
  • Go for buttermilk pancakes instead of toasted bread.
  • Replace the water with a cup of milk when preparing oatmeal.
  • Add cheese to the jam on your toast for a more nutritious breakfast.
  • Dissolve 2 – 3 tablespoons of instant coffee in a little warm water, and
  • then stir in a cup of milk. Whip with a wire whisk until foamy. Your coffee now has an extra dose of calcium.



  • Replace your soft drink with a cup of plain or chocolate milk.
  • Add cheese to all your sandwiches and green salads for more nutrition.
  • Prepare your salad dressings and dips with yogurt.
  • Mix ¼ cup thawed frozen orange juice concentrate, 2 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoon poppy seeds and 1 cup of plain yogurt. Pour this over spinach for a tastier and healthier lunch.
  • Whisk up eggs with a bit of milk and fry. When the omelette is nearly done, add cooked veggies, some Swiss cheese, and let it melt!



  • Add grated cheese to all your soups, pastas, salads, grilled vegetables, omelettes etc.
  • Stir in a bit of skimmed milk powder to your baking.
  • Purée cooked vegetables, add milk, seasonings and heat for a quick soup.
  • For dessert, opt for a vanilla or rice pudding prepared with milk, or just a few cookies with a glass of milk.
  • Have a warm glass of milk in the evening before bed.



  • Pack two containers of yogurt in your lunch box: one as your snack and the other as your lunch.
  • Dip raw vegetables in yogurt flavoured with curry, cumin, honey, mustard etc.
  • Spice up your plain yogurt with cinnamon, apple puree, maple syrup or raisins.
  • Dip fresh fruits in yogurt, then sprinkle with brown sugar or coconut.
  • Add your favourite fruit to cottage cheese or yogurt and sprinkle with cinnamon.
  • Go for a glass of buttermilk and add black pepper, cumin powder and fennel seed powder for an enhanced taste.

Simple, aren’t they? There are plenty more ways to relish in dairy nutrition once you decide to stick to it. Know that every food item serves a unique purpose in maintain our health and hence none of them should be utterly neglected. Stay in touch with these healthy habits so as to stay ahead in life.