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Add milk to your champ’s diet chart

Milk, has the magic of nature in it. However, sometimes it gets omitted from the food chart of your kid. And, as a result, your kid faces some irreversible loss in their health.


Why kids need dairy products?
Milk is a balanced diet and a reliable source of protein, calcium and Vitamin D, which are important for the right growth of a kid.

How does milk help to make a child healthy?
Milk has every nutrient that in some or the other way builds the body and ensures a healthy future.


It has Calcium
Calcium is a vital nutrient for strong bones and teeth. To keep these healthy and strong, a kid needs an adequate amount of calcium every day. Though there are ample other foods available that provide calcium, but milk never fails to match the perfect requirement. Some studies revealed that the kids from the age group of 13-14 years are prone to consume less calcium, which indicates a vital change in their health chart that may bring conditions like brittle bone and decayed teeth in their old age. That’s the reason, that teenagers should maintain a strict dairy diet.

It has Protein
Milk is a rich source of proteins and calories. Though, there is a long list of vegetables and non-vegetarian food items available in close proximity, there is no substitute of milk for the tiny diners. At a young age, kids tend to be picky-eaters. Thus, there are chances that they become malnourished. Here, milk acts as a magic potion which fills up every deficit.

It has Vitamin D
Well, though Vitamin D is a rare vitamin available in the food world and typically gets synthesized by the skin while spending time in the Sun, still milk acquires it as one of its rare properties. Deficiency of Vitamin D may push the kids towards rickets and other bone related irrevocable ailments which are obviously unacceptable. Daily consumption of milk can save kids from such mishaps.

Inclusion of milk in the diet chart can change the entire health quotient of the young champs.

In which forms milk can be consumed?
Anything is best when it is consumed in its real form. Milk also serves the condition. But there are other dairy products too that can do wonders. For example, daily consumption of cottage cheese, yogurt can also provide protein and calcium. Even mousse and ice-creams have some qualitative benefits.

It’s not easy to convince the naughty lads to gulp down the elixir. But, thankfully milk can become incognito at times.

Know the knowhow
• Make tasty smoothies/shakes with skimmed milk and fruits.
• Spread grated cheese over regular pasta and sandwiches.
• Mix yogurt with chopped fruits or make yummy fruit kheer.
• Make rolls/wraps/dumplings out of paneer, cheese and their favourite vegetable.
Include milk in your child’s daily diet chart and see them growing healthy.