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After school meal tips

Do you remember your school days? Passing notes during class, waiting for recess, making up your own games, running around carefree and just having a ball of a time. Now do you remember coming home ravenously hungry, and going straight to the fridge to find something to eat? While there is a world of difference between your school days and that of your child’s, the one thing that has not changed is the hungry tummy at the end of the school day.

But striking a balance between food your kids love and food that is actually good for them is tough! Here are a few tips to make after-school meals an easy, tasty affair:

Get them involved: Thinking up food ideas for kids can be tough, especially if they are fussy eaters. A great way to get them to eat is to get them involved in the planning of the snacks. Sitting down and discussing meal options with your child will help you create a snack that you’re confident will get gobbled up. Also, taking your children’s opinion into account is a great way to make them feel grown up and responsible.

Keep healthy snacks within reach: Since more and more households have two working parents today; it is not always possible to supervise what your children eat when they get home. The trick is to make sure that you always have some fun, healthy snacks stocked up for their hungry bellies. In most cases, you’re kids are so hungry, they will reach out for the easiest food option first. So keeping a bowl of fresh fruit, a fruit and nut mix or even a few sandwiches within easy reach will help you direct your children towards healthy snacking.

Make snacking fun: Sometimes, the way to a child’s belly is through fun food. Children love the unusual or the playful. And adding a little bit of fun to the table will ensure that you have empty plates and full bellies. Now, fun does not have to mean time consuming. It could be as simple as slicing up a few veggies into sticks to dip into hummus, or using cookie cutters to cut out cool sandwich shapes. Stick edible googly eyes to a platter of fruit and see how fast it gets gobbled up!

Build-your-own-snack: Another way of getting kids to eat after school is if you get them involved in the process of cooking up a meal. Choose age appropriate tasks like peeling a fruit or buttering a slice of bread. You can also lay out all the ingredients and get them to build their own sandwich or make their own fruit and nut mix. Getting them involved will get them excited about making their own food and teach them to be more helpful in the kitchen.

So, let your kid enjoy their after school meal with these exciting ideas. Add a touch of health and freshness to your kid’s meal with Mothers Pride Dairy’s fresh dairy offerings