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Balance your professional life and health with: Lifestyle Changes

Healthy living is not a fling but a committed long-term relationship with your own self!

There are steps you can take right away that will pave the path for healthier habits. Freshmen’s Valley, one of the best milk brand in India, in its series of articles to help working people take care of their health easily, has come up with simple tips that will ensure your health stays perfect!

While it is not practical to adopt each of these, doing few now, scheduling few for later, will make sure you take a positive step ahead.

  • Doctor’s visit! We understand that you want to stay away from doctors, but visiting them, and going for tests every 6 months will ensure you have to visit them as less as possible. Nipping symptoms in the bud is a wise step.
  • Height & weight! When was the last time you dared to climb the weighing scale? Though the numbers might scary, knowing you are overweight with an undesirable BMI will encourage you to opt for exercises and healthy diet.

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  • Activity & exercises! Again something we do not like talking about if we are not doing it. Exercising vigorously for 15 minutes every day is important to keep lifestyle diseases away. It will also help reduce stress, and improve overall health.
  • Maintain a diary! Keep it a secret if you want to, but writing down everything that you eat will help you monitor your diet. You can also maintain a diary for exercises.
  • Rest as much as you work! Yes, you have deadlines, but your body does not understand this. The reason why you are able to work, your body, needs ample rest every day. While relaxing for few extra hours on a weekend is good, your body needs time to heal every day.

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  • Strong bonds! Working hard is going to take you places, eating well & working out is going to keep you healthy, but are you doing enough for your emotional health? Meet friends and family, take professional help, go on the spiritual path… anything that keeps you emotionally strong.
  • If not quitting, reduce smoking & drinking! We all end up saying that one more peg or cigarette won’t harm. This mindset is albeit wrong. If you are not able to quit smoking or drinking, reduce as much as possible.
  • Tackle irritation! Controlling aggressive behavior is difficult, if you are NOT doing something about it every day. Stay active doing things you enjoy. Learn something new. Change your home environment with paints, furniture placement, etc. And if these sound difficult, try working out for minimum 15 minutes each day.

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  • Pest control! A clean house leads to a fresh and relaxed mind. Keeping things tidy may sound difficult when you have long office hours, but it is important to keep the house free of insects, molds, etc. They not only contribute to diseases, they also add to the stress.

Lastly, go easy on yourself. It is okay to miss a deadline, it is okay to have a bowl full of dessert (not regularly), it is okay to skip workout because you wanted to read that book, it is okay to cry too. Living in guilt affects you mentally, and in the longer run physically too. Staying dedicated is recommended, but skipping things every now and then to take a break is not the end of the world. “To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.”