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Balance Your Professional Life and Health With: Yoga

Working for long hours takes a toll on everyone. From the sale’s person standing all day at a store, to an engineer doing desk-job. Though our body is made to work for long hours, it needs breaks at regular intervals, good diet, and healthy lifestyle choices to do so.

One thing that we miss out on is workout. Yes, the walks and stair climbing that you do counts as an activity, but not the one your body needs to stay strong and disease free.

 Freshmen’s Valley, in its series on healthy living for working people, has brought together few of the best and easiest yoga exercises which won’t take much time and space.

  • Legs up the wall


How: lie on your back with your hips close to the wall. Extend your legs up the wall, and ensure that the back of your legs are resting fully against it.

Why: reduces swelling in the legs & feet; relaxes the tired leg muscles; has calming effect on the nervous system; quiets the mind.

  • Happy baby pose

How: lay flat on your back, exhale, and bend knees into the belly. Inhale and grip the outer part of each foot with corresponding hands. Gently push your feet into your hands to create resistance.

Why: releases, stretches, and brings relief to the lower back & hamstrings; opens up the lower part of your body; soothes the spine; calms the brain.

  • Supine twist

Supine twist

How: lie on your back with knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Exhale, draw both knees to your chest, and hold them with your hands.

Extend your left leg along the floor, and right arm along the floor at shoulder-height. Place your left hand on the outside of your right knee, and drop your right knee over the left-side of your body.

Turn your head to the right, and soften your gaze toward your fingertips. Keep your shoulder blades pressing toward the floor, and allow the force of gravity to do its work.

Why: opens tight shoulders; elongates the supporting spinal muscles; improves digestion; quiets the mind.

  • Yogi squat

How: sit on the floor with your legs together and extended in front of your torso. Bend both legs, slowly, until the knees are pointing to the ceiling, and the calves come close to the back of the thighs. Lean forward, and raise your seat. To support this squat pose, you can place a rolled towel beneath feet.

Why: strengthens legs, feet, calves and ankles; relieves lower back pain; opens up hips, ankles, groin and Achilles; stimulates abdominal internal organs, spleen, and sex glands; stabilizes the spine.

  • Child’s pose

Child’s pose

How: kneel on a yoga mat or carpet by bringing your knees together, and your buttocks to your feet. Exhale, slowly raise your arms, and with ease rest your torso over your thighs so that your forehead touches the mat. If that’s not possible, then bring your torso as low as possible.

Why: stretches and flexes the internal organs & muscles; alleviates stress & anxiety; normalizes blood circulation; relieves muscular pain in the torso; encourages steady breathing.

There is nothing like yoga to tackle health problems and body weight.

Confront health problems head on to achieve Zen-like-calmness, and a disease-free body. It is easy to get caught up in work, but few minutes every day dedicated to your health can do wonders for your happiness!