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Barista style ‘Foamed’ Coffee now in your Kitchen.

In the chilly winter mornings what more can one desire than a warm blanket and a potful of frothy coffee! Yes, you read it right. Blanket and frothy coffee is not an oxymoron anymore. Give your good ol’ coffee the same touch of a Barista coffee at your own stylish kitchen.


You only need two things to get the froth on the top of your favorite coffee, and those are a jam jar and a microwave.


Making milk foam is a child’s play, and to get the best foam possible you have to play with it like a child. Pour the milk into the jam jar and fill it half. Lid the jar tightly else froth may find its right way to ooze out. Shake the jar as hard as you can (you may follow a three-year-old kid how he shakes his head to negate his lunch). Shake it until the froth becomes double.


To stabilize the foam, just microwave it for 30 seconds. You need to open the lid and warm it. If you don’t microwave it, the foam will break in no time. The heat gives the foam stability to hold its density.

The next step is quite simple; you might have done it for umpteen number of times in your life. You need to pour the warm milk into your coffee. And finally pour the foam on the top of it with the help of a spoon.

Use 2% fat milk to get the foam of your choice. As Harold McGee explained in his book On Food and Cooking, “Because whey proteins are critical stabilizers (for milk foam), milk that is fortified, with added protein — usually reduced-fat and skim milk —are most easily foamed.”


So, trust his knowledge or experiment on your own with several categories of milk viz. Zero fat, 2% fat, whole fat or cream; the zero fat or 2% fat milk is going to win every time.

One thing to keep in mind, all good things come to an end. Hence, don’t expect the foam to last for long. Use it the right away; else the entire procedure may end up with some scattered bubbles in your coffee mug.

Go ahead, enjoy your morning cuppa cappuccino with a creamy dollop of foam topping!