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Winter is coming! It’s ti– what? Had too much of this dialogue lately? Okay, no problem. We’ll start in a different manner.

Winter season is coming! (so original!) It’s time to bring out the blankets, test run the heaters, set another five-ten morning alarms and ready the winter-special recipes. So how to get started, you ask? Dust the blankets, let them soak in… Oh! You weren’t asking about the blankets! Well… take that as an additional (incomplete) advice from our side.

Now, as of the winter-special recipes; trust us, everybody needs them. Hot tasty food and chilly weather is a match made in heaven. But we won’t give you something just for the sake of it. You deserve only the best companion to spend all those chilly mornings, hard working afternoons and refreshing evenings. So what we are going to give you is the best hot chocolate!


From helping happily married couples snuggle up in bed and spend some cozy time together to helping forever alone guys snuggle up in bed and cry over their problems – hot chocolate does it all. And if you fall anywhere within the range, you need to gather these ingredients right away for a practice session for the best hot chocolate:

  • Unsweetened cocoa powder1/3 cup
  • White sugar¾ cup
  • Salt1 pinch
  • Boiling water1/3 cup
  • Milk3½ cups
  • Vanilla extract¾ teaspoon
  • Half-and-half cream½ cup

For those confused about half-and-half cream, simply mix half cup whole milk and half cup light cream. Now on to the recipe of your perfect hot chocolate:

  • Combine the sugar, pinch of salt and cocoa in a saucepan.
  • Blend this mixture in the boiling water and stir constantly.
  • Simmer while stirring for about 2 minutes and take care that it doesn’t scorch.
  • Stir in 3½ cups of milk and heat until the mixture is very hot, but watch that it does not boil!
  • Remove from flame, add vanilla and divide equally between 4 mugs.
  • Add the cream from the top into the mugs and drink when cool enough to suit your taste.

There you have it! So rush to the bed – being careful not to spill your mug – take your place within the blankets and… sip! Drown into the wave of deliciousness and comfort of hot taste as you savour your cup of hot chocolate. Believe us, this hot chocolate is one of the best reasons to be excited that winter is coming!