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Bid Adieu to Winter Woes With Milk

Winter is the time when the air is dry and frigid outside and the indoor heat leaves the skin even more parched. The skin’s protective barrier cracks and becomes more prone to damage and less able to repair itself. Therefore, going the extra mile to pamper your skin and tresses is imperative.

The market is flooded with cosmetic products that promise to nourish, soothe and hydrate skin the natural way, but are loaded with chemicals and silicones. Why should then one invest in products like those when we have the option of going all the natural (also inexpensive!) way?

Today, we present to you a few tips and tricks with the help of which you can keep winter woes from tip to toe at bay! Take a look at what wonders the goodness of milk can do for your body!

Hair : A lady’s hair is her crowning glory. Every woman dreams of thick, silky and lustrous hair but what if winter wrecks havoc on the hair and scalp, leaving it dry, frizzy and full of flakes? This problem is quite prominent in winters but fret not because we have milk to the rescue! Take half a cup of full fat milk and mix in it two big spoons of honey. Put this as a mask over your head and wash it away with regular shampoo and give a new life to your strands.


Face : Milk is rich in calcium and healthy fats which help in moisturizing the skin and making it soft, supple and elastic. Milk also helps cleanse the skin and get rid of dark spots, making the tone even and glowing. To give your face the much sought after hydration and dewy look, try this simple face pack. Add one or two strands of saffron to two tablespoons of warm milk. Let it soak for a couple of minutes and then add a tablespoon of oats to the mix. Mix well and rub into your face. Leave it on the skin for about ten minutes and wash off with warm water to look great and spread a lovely fragrance!


Lips : Dry and chapped lips are the companions of the winter season. So here we have an oh-so-easy DIY lip balm that you can make right at the comfort of your home! All you have to do is extract about half a bowl of cream from full fat dairy milk and smoothen it to get a nice consistency. Next, add 3 to 4 drops of lavender oil and mix it thoroughly. Grate 1/4th bowl of beeswax in a vessel and boil it in a double boiler. After the beeswax has molten completely let it cool down to a normal temperature where it is still in a liquid form. Add the lavender infused cream in it and blend both these ingredients. Pour this into a balm bottle and let it set for two to three hours. Your natural lip balm is now ready to soothe your chapped lips!


Feet: Our feet often bear the brunt of being ignored and still doing all the hard work silently until cracks begin to appear and shout out for rescue! When the skin on and around the heels becomes thickened or dry it causes cracking. Milk is rich in vitamin A which is essential for healthy skin as it helps to repair and rebuild it. Make your own honey and milk cream and say goodbye to those painful cracked heels. Warm one cup of honey and stir in two tbsp of warm milk along with the juice of ½ an orange. Well, that’s about it! Just apply this cream for about half an hour twice a day and see the difference for yourself!


Milk is the magic potion in all these awesome natural mixes as it is loaded with vitamins that are beneficial for the skin. So go on, try out these amazing DIYs and thank us later!