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Get creative with whipped cream

Whipped cream – that white, puffy frosting that dreams are made of. Sweet, silky and addictive, whipped cream is one of those favourite confectionary items that can take a dish from good to great. Whipped cream has been used in so many ways, from icing a cake to topping off a desert that it has become an indispensible part of the food world. Its ease of use and versatility is what generally makes it a must have ingredient in most kitchens. Here are a couple of creative ways to indulge in your love for whipped cream.

  • Breakfast topping: Pancakes, waffles and even a bowl of fruit. Think of these things without whipped cream. Now close your eyes and imagine a big dollop of whipped cream on top of your plate of breakfast pancakes. Totally drool worthy, right? Whipped cream is the perfect ingredient to ensure that your day starts off on a sweet note. Just squirt a bit of whipped cream over pancakes, waffles, cereal, fruit and even toast to enjoy a breakfast of champions.

    • Chocolate mousse:The only thing better than whipped cream is using whipped cream to make chocolate mousse. This no bake dessert is a hot favourite with everyone, and quite easy to whip up too. One way to making a mouse is to mix whipped cream into the chocolate to give it additional creaminess and texture. The other way to enjoy it is to top off your mousse with a serving of Whipped cream. Yum!

      • Add it to coffee:No matter which café you visit, you’ve always ordered all your coffee’s with a whipped cream topping. So why not try it at home? Just add a generous helping of whipped cream to your cuppa and enjoy the rich flavour of coffee and cream. Trust us, that’s one cup of coffee you will never want to put down.pic-4
        • Cupcake topping: Put on your baker’s hat and cook up a bunch of cupcakes. It could be choco-chip or vanilla – just select your favourite recipe. Then take it up a notch higher by frosting the cupcakes with some delicious whipped cream. The beautiful spray-nozzle pattern will make your cupcakes look fancy. And the sweet, melt-in-your-mouth goodness of whipped cream will complement any flavour of cupcakes you bake.pic-5
          • Flavour it: We all know that whipped cream tastes so good on its own! But adding different ingredients can give your whipped cream an added punch of flavour. Spoon in some coffee or cocoa powder to give it a caffeine or chocolaty flavour. Use finely grated orange zest to create a yummy orange blossom whipped cream. A drop of jasmine essence and voila, you’ve got yourself some delicious jasmine whipped cream. Just play around with various ingredients and whip up any flavour you like.pic-6
          • Loved them? Try them out and pamper your taste buds with dollops of whipped cream. And don’t forget to use fresh dairy products from Mothers Pride Dairy’s offerings.