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Your fooditionary for unexpected winter days

The cold breezing winds, playing with snow, making funny faces on the mirrors freezed with chilled blows, snuggly nights beside windows reading novels and hot exquisite cuisines that will melt your taste buds; are all those splendid moments we love about winters.

Now that, we are about to welcome the chilly winter days, many of you will puzzle up your minds with what all you can devour in these cold months. The winter season is also known best for some extra cravings and to indulge yourself in food that is delicious, filling, full of flavor, color, fiber and satisfying too.

So, to pamper the instinctive hankering, the first thing that pops in your mind is to google up as many recipes you can, which brings to you a myriad of delectable and sundry alternatives. That also means a lot of confusion…. Thinking, what to do?

Cheer up! It’s about time to stop baffling from one site to another in search of what to eat or not to eat this winter. Here is the yummilicious list of foods that can savor your taste buds on the unexpected chilly days.

Dairy-themed favorite recipes for winters

Snow Ice Cream – You must be thinking about getting something warm and piping hot for cold breezing winter nights. But, here we have for you with Snow Ice Cream to divulge yourself in some scrummy chilled flavors. All you need is snow, sugar, milk, salt, vanilla extract and oodles of sprinkles to relish this wintry delight. So, you do not get to experience snow where you live? Then also do not worry, we have all the options with you ready. You can replace shaved ice in this recipe with snow and you are good to go.


Perfect cup of Cocoa – Cold, cozy nights, warm blankets and hot chocolate is everyone’s winter FAVORITE. Be it any time of the day, you cannot say no to this warm and delightful drink. You just need to pour in vanilla pod, cinnamon stick, fresh milk, plain chocolate, chopped into small pieces, sugar according to taste and to add a crunchy twist, you can serve the milk with a dusting of nutmeg.


Grilled peanut butter sandwich – So yummy, isn’t it? This buttery and nutritious snack is loved by everyone. Be it breakfast, lunch, tea time or dinner, it’s a perfect pick for people of any age. Even a single bite of this toast can take you to a magical world and leaves an ooey-gooey-ness impact of the melted butter. You just need peanut butter, some topped veggies and you are ready to serve it warm and appetizing.


Flavored Milk – In chilly winter season there can be nothing more delightful than a cup of hot flavored milk. Be it turmeric, caramel or nay other flavor, this milk can make your day, evening and night. So, do not forget to add them in your menu this winter.


Winter Smoothies – Mention smoothie and your mind pops up with the ideas of a cold, chilled glass of a smoothie topped with ice. But, you are wrong. Yes, here we are talking about warm and creamy smoothie that will spruce up your winter evenings. Get milk, yogurt, soaked cashews, vanilla powder, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, sea salt and lots of love. Adding health quotient in this smoothie is Vitamin- C rich strawberries


Baked apple-cinnamon porridge – If you are done and completely bored of relishing a regular bowl of porridge, then, here we have for you Baked apple-cinnamon porridge, which is a perfect immunity booster too. Fresh apple, brown sugar, porridge, milk, water, cinnamon makes this serving an irresistible one. Moreover, it will also stir up your kid’s interest in having a delectable yet healthy breakfast. So, make a great start of the day for your family with this bowl of flavorous porridge, this winter.


So, which one did you liked the most? Well, all looks so inviting and delightful that you cannot resist yourself from indulging in a delicious treat. However, keeping a check on the health quotient of all these cuisines, it will be wise to add fresh milk and dairy products