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Here’s to milk with a twist

Milk has always been a mother’s nightmare and a child’s bane. It’s almost impossible to make a child gulp down milk unless there’s some added flavour to it. Therefore, flavoured milks. Now flavoured milk isn’t bad at all like most people think. It contains the same nine essential nutrients that you would find in milk i.e. potassium, calcium and vitamin D. Milk products in general have helped in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes and also helping to reduce blood pressure in adults. Favoured milk is nothing, but a delicious way for people from all age groups to consume vital nutrients and vitamins that are essential to their health. It has also been noticed that granted there are some added sugars in flavoured milks, the flavoured milk drinkers don’t have higher intake of sugar when compared to those who do not consume flavoured milk. Also, they have higher calcium intake.

Flavoured milk is nothing but an addition to milk to make it more palatable for people. Furthermore, research has shown that people who drink flavoured milk, tend to drink fewer soft drinks. However, milk can be drunk in many forms. You can have fermented milk, heat treated milk, evaporate milk, condensed milk, homogenized milk etc. You can also have milk in the form of milk powder!

SpecialMilkBImage2Fermented milk has been benefiting the mankind since centuries. Fermented milk is basically milk that has been fermented with lactic acid bacteria, therefore effectively increasing the shelf life of the product. Fermented milk helps in improving digestion, maintains the integrity of the immune system, reduces tiredness and helps in weight management. Everyone feels a little run down from time to time. It happens to all of us. Fermented milk’s natural bacteria and vitamin B helps the human body fight pathogens and makes us feel stronger and more positive. Also, fermented milk is known to breakdown fat, slowly and gently increasing your metabolism so that you feel light and full of energy all the time.


Evaporated milk is made in a sterile environment where the milk undergoes a vacuum evaporation process which removes around 60% of the water from regular milk. It is then homogenized, sterilized and canned. Evaporated milk is different from condensed milk as although they’re made through the same procedure, there is no added milk in evaporated milk. However in condensed milk, sugars are added. The health benefits of evaporated milk is the same as normal milk, with the added advantages of a long shelf life. It is an easy alternative to regular milk, with added vitamins and a longer shelf life. It is ideal if you want to go camping as it does not have to be refrigerated.


Although the taste is not the same, it provides the same nutrients and vitamins that are essential to the human body.