Increase Your Little One’s Milk Consumption
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Increase Your Little One’s Milk Consumption

Milk – the food of the Gods. It’s with good reason, that this timeless panacea of good health has continued to top the food charts as one of the most popular dietary supplements, the world over. Its incredibly rich nutritional portfolio has made it a staple of Indian diet… and kids disagree!

Few experiences can be as harrowing for a mom, as chasing her young one around the house, with a glassful of milk. We did it as kids and as adults, it’s our turn, to do the chasing. Karma always turns a full circle.

However, our experience as the chor escaping the police-mom chasing after us with what looked like an impossibly huge milled-filled glass (one, which we couldn’t have finished in a year), gave us the time to come up with a plan – which we have very cunning deployed, to get our little ones to drink without a single fuss.

Here are some super-effective tips to make sure your child drink all the milk he needs without throwing a fit:

Turn it into a milkshake: kids love milkshake, and thankfully it’s fairly easy to make. You can choose from a colourful fruit shake with chunks of banana, chikoo and custard apple blended and whisked into a frothy glass of delight or simply add some chocolate syrup and give it a quick whisk in the blender.


Hearty Fruity Yoghurt: We are yet to meet a kid, who doesn’t love a huge serving of  this creamy, fruit-filled dessert. And all you have to do is to take your kids favorite fruit – blend it with fresh curd, add some pistachios and freeze it for an hour.


Make your rotis with milk: This one is definitely a mother’s favorite hack. Instead of kneading the flour with water, do it with milk. The rotis will come out soft and fluffy and your little will get his/her daily fill of nutrition, without even knowing it. Furthermore, you can also add special condiments like turmeric, ajwain and mint to the dough to make the rotis colourful, flavourful and even more nutritious.


Add it to Soup: Kids love a bowl of steaming hot soup during winters. The flavourful and filling bowl of soup, which gives off heady salivatory aroma, is your surest-shot for second helping requests. Adding milk to the soup, won’t just make the dish creamier, tastier and richer, it would vastly enhance its nutritional content.


So there you have it. Four incredibly effective ways of ensuring your child ‘consumes’ milk. That’s after all, the core idea behind this blog – as long milk enters the belly of your little munchkin, it doesn’t matter what route it took.