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Kaushal Vikas Abhiyan – A women empowerment initiative by Mother’s Pride Dairy

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”, is a true saying by Kofi Annan. In today’s century, where women are breaking the conventional norms and balancing their professional and personal lives ideally, there are still some corners in the country where they are not aware about the flourishing opportunities available for a better living. So, to bridge this gap and to spread this message of empowerment and guide these women along the path to independence, Mother’s Pride Dairy organised a women’s empowerment session called ‘Kaushal Vikas Abhiyan- Kaise badayen rozgar va aaye, kyunki mahila sashaktikaran ka yahi upaya’.


The initiative aimed at making women socially, mentally and financially strong and independent by enlightening them about various income generating opportunities. The 1 hour long session was held on 16th January, 2016, at Hironi Village in the Sambhal district. The session witnessed a presence of almost 300-350 women and girls of the village, which manifested their interest and passion for living a better life. The session commenced with highlighting the importance of women empowerment and the significant steps need to procure the best from these opportunities.


The session got forward with the discussion of how they can learn new skills, actively seek new opportunities, benefits of being tech friendly and educated. They were also informed about the transformation this one step can bring in their life. Furthermore, Mothers Pride Dairy also put forward the many ways in which they can help them in building a better community for themselves and their children.


Another significant aspect of the session was discussion about the measures and precautions to take during milking process to deliver safe and clean milk.. As most of the women in the audience owned cattle or worked with dairy, the session also included an in-depth segment on cattle care and milking methods. So, after establishing the importance of empowerment, Mother’s Pride Dairy educated the women about the safe milk procedures that can open many more avenues for profit making. By stressing on the importance of cattle health and educating the women on better, cleaner and safer milking processes, Mother’s Pride Dairy enabled them to make their dairy resources more productive and profitable in the long run.


The women were attentive and very receptive to the information handed out during the session. As they were not aware about the safe milking process, so this activity was fruitful for them and they showed a positive response to practice them in their daily dairy routine. At the end of the session, a feedback form was given out asking the women to share their opinions and suggestions to improve the quality of the program. Feedback revealed that the women were eager to get involved in activities like sewing, stitching, embroidery, computer training, candle making and pottery. They were satisfied with the program and grateful for the additional dairy knowledge and were also looking forward to such more programs in future.


But most of all, the session left the women feeling positive and excited about their future, and motivated them to take the next step towards leading more empowered lives. When women participate in the economy everyone benefits and with this belief Mothers Pride Dairy has taken this intiative and is also looking forward to organize many more such activities to give a new face to the glory of India!