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It’s no wonder that kids today don’t even associate Holi with Holika Dahan. The age-old mythological story of Prahlad doesn’t ring a bell to them. Come Holi, all they care about is having water-filled balloons ready, packets of gulaals and colours at hand and a limitless supply of water. The celebration starts when the gang meets up and ends when tired and shivering with cold, they decide they can’t go any further.

And while this smearing with colours and splashing of water is a fun incapable of being put into words, it’s also a concern that worries many a concerned parent. The kids may be reluctant to wash off these colours but parents understand how harmful these chemicals can be for the skin. So while soaps and shampoos may fail to achieve the desired cleanliness, here are some ideas that would enable your child to have his fill of colours and water, without any risk of breakouts and skin infections.


Removing Colour off Hair

Applying egg yolk or curd on hair and leaving it for 45 minutes before shampooing it off can be an effective cleaning method. Your son may gladly enjoy a sunbath as he waits.

Prepare a mixture of curd and besan in overnight soaked aawla and wash head with it. Follow it with a shampoo. The colour will come off easily.

Speaking of mixtures, try a paste of banana and milk in a little bit honey. Apply it on hair and let it get dry before washing it off.


Still speaking of mixtures, how about fenugreek seeds left in curd overnight? Apply on the head and wash it off after half an hour. Follow with a shampoo to remove the colours easily.

Removing Colour off the Body

Any guesses what we are speaking of here? Mixtures! Yes! You’re a genius! And a genius doesn’t make a simple mixture, does he? Here are some suggestions.

Mix curd, besan, orange peel powder with a little turmeric, a few lemon drops and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Gently massage this mixture on the skin and wash off. It’s a bit complicated but would you rather risk the chemicals?

Face pack, anyone? For the saloon experience while you sunbath? Make a paste of milk, besan and honey. Apply a thick layer on face and let it dry. Apply some water on your hands and rub it off while scrubbing gently. Wash your face afterwards.

Now that the natural skin colour is back, let’s restore the skin’s health. Holi colours can make skin dry and itchy. Apply yoghurt later on as it softens and moisturises the skin naturally.


Make sure to keep your children from gorging on Holi delicacies before they have had a nice long bath. Prevent intake of harmful chemicals. And avoid worrying too much! Your kids are going to have a delightful time. This festival of colours, let them embrace each and everyone with joy. That said, enjoy the festival yourself in whatever way you see fit. Have a happy Holi!