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Navratris are here and it’s the holy time of the year again! And isn’t it fun to attend all those kirtans and jagrans that come by in plenty now? But as much fun these devotion filled days are, they are also a cause of concern. Because the common practice of fasting during Navratri season can lead to health problems if a healthy diet plan is not followed.

To help you with your fasts, here are some tasty dairy recipes that will not only keep you up in best of health but also make them a whole lot fun.

Mango Raita

The king of fruits and the king of immunity make for a perfect combination of taste and health! You’ll need only 5 things:
• Yogurt                                                                    1 cup

• Ripe mango (chopped)                                          1 cup

• Honey                                                                     1 tbsp

• Saffron (dissolved in a tbsp of warm water)        Few strands

• Almonds (chopped or sliced)                                 1-2 tbsp

Another advantage of this raita is that it’s extremely easy to make. Find out for yourself:
• Take yogurt in a bowl, add honey and whisk it well till it is smooth.
• Now add the saffron water and beat till it mixes.
• Now add chopped mangoes and almonds.
• Mix well and it is ready to serve.


Coconut Ladoo

If you have never tried these, there’s something you should probably know. Once you have eaten them, be it Navratris or house parties, fasts or eating contests, there will be no avoiding them. Here’s what you will need:

• Coconut (grated)                      1 cup

• Sweetened condensed milk     ½ cup

• Cardamom powder                  ⅓ tbsp

• Cashews (chopped)                 1 tbsp

• Almonds(chopped)                 1 tbsp

Waste no time in getting started with these ladoos!
• Roast grated coconut in a pan for 2-3 minutes on medium heat while stirring constantly.
• Add condensed milk, mix well and cook on medium-low heat.
• Cook till it starts to leave the sides of the pan and then turn off the stove.
• Add cardamom powder, chopped cashews and almonds and mix well.
• Remove the mixture to a plate so it will cool down faster.
• Once it is cooled down completely, make tight smooth balls using your hand.
• Roll the ladoo in dry desiccated coconut one at a time.


Lauki Pudding

For some reason, it has always been hard for lauki to find fans. But the english name of the vegetable, Bottlegourd, does make it sound a lot cooler. And the same goes with lauki pudding – it makes lauki taste a lot better than the normal cooked up dish. Get all these things together:

• Lauki (grated)                           2 cups

• Condensed Milk                        100ml

• Milk                                           400ml

• Raisins & almonds (chopped)  2-3tsp

• Cardamom powder                   ½ tbsp

• Ghee                                           1tbsp

Here’s how you turn the boring lauki into a healthy, tasty, navratri dish!
• Bring the milk to boil. Once it starts boiling simmer for about 10 minutes.
• Saute lauki in a pan using desi ghee until it turns soft.
• Stir in cooked lauki to the milk and add condensed milk to this mixture. Add cardamom powder. Mix all the contents properly and simmer again for 5-10minutes stirring continuously.
• Remove from heat and spread on a greased plate and let it cool at room temperature. Garnish with nuts. Once cooled cut into pieces and serve!


Buckwheat (kuttu) & Veg Dosa

And now with dosa, can navratris get any more yum? Here are the ingredients to a dish we have no doubt you would try your hands on the very first ratri!

• Buckwheat flour                                                                2 cups

• Curd                                                                                    ½ cup

• Sendha namak                                                                    As per taste

• Grated Vegetables (Raw papaya, bottlegourd, carrot)     1 cup

• Cumin powder                                                                    1 tbsp

• Black pepper powder                                                         1 tbsp

And you have seen how dosas are made since you were a child. Still, here it is:
• Combine all the ingredients together and make crispy dosa in a non-stick tawa.
• Pair it with any chutney of your choice like coriander-mint chutney or peanut-coconut chutney and serve hot!

Kuttu dosa

Raw Banana Kababs with Fruity Yogurt Dip

There are few things healthier than banana and yoghurt – and this dish brings together both of them. So gather up these items to make sure your energy supply doesn’t waver on the days you need it:

• Raw bananas (boiled & mashed)        4

• Potato (boiled)                                     2

• Cumin powder                                     1 tbsp

• Sendha namak                                    As per taste

• Green chilly-ginger paste                  1 tbsp

• Raisins (chopped)                               2 tbsp

• White sesame seeds(optional)           1 tbsp

For yogurt dip

• Plain yogurt                                  ½ cup

• Mint leaves paste                         1 tbsp

• Pineapple (mashed)                    3 tbsp

• Vanilla essence (optional)           1 drop

The list is a bit long, but the dish is worth all the time you spend on it. There isn’t a better way to enjoy these holy days! Carry on with the preparation:

• Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.
• Take a small portion and roll it into kababs.
• Grill kababs using oil in a non-stick pan.
• For yogurt dip: Whisk yogurt in a bowl. Add mint paste and pineapple into it. Add vanilla

Raw Banana Kababs with Fruity Yogurt Dip

Buttermilk Potato Kadhi

Who says you can’t enjoy kadhi during fasts? With a little tweak and right ingredients, Buttermilk Potato Kadhi is what you get. These are the right ingredients:

• Buttermilk (plain)        200ml

• Potatoes (boiled)          3-4

• Cumin seeds                 1 tbsp

• Asafetida                      A pinch

• Black pepper powder   1 tbsp

• Sendha namak             As per taste

And this is how you make a kadhi out of these:
• In a pan add ghee. Sprinkle cumin seeds and asafetida.
• Cut potatoes into 4 small pieces and put in pan.
• Add sendha namak and black pepper to it and cook well stirring for 2-3minutes.
• Whisk buttermilk in a separate bowl. Add it to the potato mix.
• Bring the mixture to boil and then let it simmer for further 5-7min.
• Garnish with coriander leaves and serve!

 Buttermilk Potato Kadhi

Savour these dishes to make your fasts pass faster than your favourite daily soap. Please the Goddesses if you want to, but not at the stake of your own health. Keep yourself healthy and now, keep your tastebuds happy too with these amazing recipes. Happy Navratris to you! Jai Mata Di!