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Plenty of measures are taken once a baby is born to ensure a safe and healthy future for him. Vaccinations, injections, breast milk, comfortable clothing – everything is taken care of. But what perhaps many people don’t understand is that baby care begins even before the baby is born. It starts with the care of expectant mothers.

Milk plays an important role in providing strength to both the growing baby and the pregnant woman. According to certain health institutions, pregnant women should drink up to three cups of milk each day, with low-fat and nonfat milk being healthier choices for them. Here is the crucial role milk plays during pregnancy:

Milk is the richest source of calcium. If pregnant women don’t consume enough quantity of calcium, they lose calcium from their bones, which is used to meet the baby’s needs. During pregnancy, women need about 1,000 mg of calcium in a day, and since one cup low-fat milk provides 305 mg calcium, three cups in a day fulfill the daily calcium needs during pregnancy.

Milk is also an excellent source of protein, which serves a number of functions during pregnancy. Functions like buildup of the uterus, breasts, baby’s tissues and blood supply. Insufficient protein intake can lead to decreased birth weight and consequent health problems in babies.

Some recently conducted researches have also led to the conclusion that children born to pregnant women who drink milk regularly are taller when they are teenagers. A team of scientists found that the height of children during adolescence was in direct relation to the amount milk their mothers consumed during pregnancy. The advantages of maternal milk intake last even up till early adulthood.

The results of the study showed that teenagers of both the sexes whose mothers consumed more than 150ml of milk per day were generally taller compared to children born to pregnant women who drank less amount of milk. By their late teens these children also had higher levels of insulin in their bloodstream, making them less prone to type II diabetes.

So now you know that there are plenty of advantages milk offers to a pregnant woman. Its role isn’t just limited to development of a healthy baby but also exceeds to ensuring the strength of the expectant mother through her pregnancy. So show your care not just with vaccinations and diet, but also with dairy. Bring milk into use during pregnancy and cherish the happiness of a healthy child forever.