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Must-try winter recipes

“Winter is the time for comfort, good food, warmth and spending some memorable time with your loved ones”, is a true saying. Come December, and our food cravings for delightful delicacies become irresistible. And not to forget, it is also one of the best times of the year when you can try many new recipes and pamper your taste buds. Not only this, there are many dishes, which are full of vital nutrients and also have the goodness of dairy products because we all crave for relishing something crisp and fresh in the cold and breezing days of winters.

And when it comes to healthy food, Dairy products are ruling the palattes. Be it paneer, milk, ghee, cheese, cream or sauces; they all add scrumptious taste and oodles of health to the overall dish. However, nothing can beat the flavor, aroma and taste of freshly home-made cuisines. Especially, mom-made food is loved by everyone, all across the globe and regardless of the age. So, why not try them this winter?
Here’s a list of exquisite recipes that you can try at home and enjoy the cold breezing winds.

Custard fruity tarts
What can be a better way to welcome winters than a freshly made Custard fruity tarts? The sweet taste of fresh fruits layered on the top of a cool and creamy bowl of custard makes it a perfect evening snack or a healthy breakfast. All you need is all-purpose flour, unsalted butter, unsweetened condensed milk, skimmed milk, custard powder (vanilla or strawberry flavor), egg, cornflour and grounded cinnamon to prepare this ultimate winter treat. And you are all set to make winter special and nutritious this time.


Green tea-cherry milkshake
You may have tried many milk drinks, but not this one. You all know the many benefits of Green tea, but did you also know that by blending fruits and goodness of milk with it can make it more nutrient rich. For many people drinking green tea is a morning ritual, but now you can also try it in a different way. Just blend together green tea (plain), flavors of chopped cherries, sprinkles of honey or maple syrup, the health and warmth of milk and serve it light and refreshing.


Cheesy rava masala idlis
How about giving your regular masala idlis’ a cheesy twist? Yes, pamper your taste buds with layers of cheese and cheese. You all love the fillings of cheese in every cuisine, but most of you also ignore it because of the thinking that you will get fat after eating it. However, giving it a healthy twist with idlis’ is an ideal way to gauge this lip-smacking snack. Start with preparing idli batter, mix other ingredients together, put 1 layer of batter in mould, then prepare a little cheese filling over it and cover it again with the batter. Steam and serve with green chutney. Wow.. now that’s worth trying.


Cucumber – Broccoli creamy salad
Health conscious? Then it’s not hard to guess the most important part of your diet, which is Salad. However, there is no denying to the fact that they are healthy and light to eat. And, this winter you can try this scrumptious and nutritious blend of cucumber-broccoli creamy salad, which will not only pamper your taste buds, but will also make you eat it again and again. To savor this salad, you have to do a little hard work, which is cut Cucumber in circles, add sauted Broccolli florets, plain yogurt, cream, seasonings, black salt, lemon juice and crushed garlic-black pepper powder. Then after the matter is prepared, mix veggies in a bowl, blend together yogurt+cream and other ingredients. Pour this mixture on veggies and mix it gently. Garnish with mint and Serve cold.


Healthy paratha with fruity dip
Well, who doesn’t love to eat a hot and yummy paratha? Yes, it’s an all time favorite of everyone, especially in the cold winter mornings. So, how about trying it with a fruity dip to make it more delicious and healthy? Make hot and enticing parathas with multigrain flour, Spinach (finely chopped, masalas-chaat, cumin, fennel and aniseed (saunf) powder using ghee. Now it’s time to prepare the dip. Get started by putting Blueberry/raspberry yogurt in a bowl, add melted butter and add little milk to it, then mix thoroughly. After that add herbs, salt and mix again. Serve hot and crisp parathas with this fruity dip and stay healthy this season.


Loved them! So, which one are you trying first? Try to use fresh and unadulterated dairy products in all the recipes because if you will take care of your health today, then it will take care of you tomorrow. Mothers Pride Dairy believes in promoting a healthy tomorrow with fresh and unadulterated milk and dairy products.