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Kitchen is meant to be the health department of a home. Tasty and nourishing dishes, spiced up snacks; all make their way into our stomach through its doors. But while most of the kitchens serve this purpose, we forget to perform our duty in return. And hence most of the kitchens are piled up with utensils all around, most of the utensils are coated with rust and most of the coats are stained with vegetable marks. Pardon the pun, but all it serves to say is that while we have been focusing too much on cooking, cleaning has been entirely neglected.

Given the busy schedule and abundant priorities we live with these days, it is understandable. However, we cannot deny the importance of keeping a kitchen clean. So here are some easy hacks that will not only keep your kitchen organized but also take the bare minimum time needed for it.

Clean cast-iron: Scrubbing your iron pans with soapy water does clean it, but it also washes away the seasoning built up from all the dishes cooked on it, which adds its own flavour to the food. So leave out soapy water and remove the stuck-on bits of food with a salt scrub instead.

Cleaning coffee grinder: Coffee grinds often clump up inside the grinder. When facing such a case, toss in a few chunks of stale bread into the grinder and run the appliance. The coffee grinds will stick to the bread and all you then need to do is remove the crumbs.

Brand new look to wooden spoons: Restore the lost shine of wooden spoons by boiling them in a pot of water and leaving them to dry in the sun.


Prevent milk from spilling over: Boiling milk is always a tough task because it requires constant attention. A minute of diversion and you are left with a spillage to clean up. Prevent this situation by placing a wooden spoon over the milk pot as you keep it to boil.

Get rid of kitchen odours: Whether it is to dismiss foul orders or just to make your home fragrant with pleasing smells, heat two caps of vanilla essence in your oven at 300 degrees for an hour. The resulting smell will encompass your kitchen and other rooms and will last for about a day.

Get rid of kitchen odours

Prevent clogs: Drain clogging is the result of oil (from food products) building up and blocking the interior surface of pipe. To prevent drain clogging, pour in a little baking soda into the drain, and then pour boiling water over it.

Cleaning the microwave: Food explosions inside a microwave are always a trouble. But that trouble can be easily taken care of with this idea: Put a wet sponge inside the microwave and spray the insides with a mixture of water and essential oils. Microwave the sponge for about two minutes, let it cool, and then use it to wipe up the mess.

Cleaning the microwave

Degrease kitchen surfaces: Stop buying all those degreasing sprays and opt for domestic options instead. Pour vinegar over the greased surface and clean with a dishcloth after 5-10 minutes to clean the stain or use baking soda instead. If the stain still proves too tough, count on vegetable oil as the sure shot cure.

Include these easy hacks into your life and discover how this responsibility of maintaining your kitchen turns out to be a cakewalk. Serving healthy food is the priority of a kitchen, but only a clean kitchen can be called a healthy one. So step up to the task and implement these hacks to adopt a healthier lifestyle.