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That time of the year… again! With exams right on the edge your child is about to go into an academic hibernation, and your routine on a chaotic break. You will be running after him begging him to take his meals, your daily soaps will be turned off for a fortnight and every demandhe makes will be an order – all for your champ’s bright future.

As expected, health will fade into the background as textbooks become priority. But do you want a bright future for him on the risk of an unhealthy one? Of course not. So as his sleeping schedule and eating habits go for a walk, help him manage them both with these healthy foods.


Yes, milk is much more than calcium. For example, the tryptophan it contains has a sedative effect, which helps induce sleep when your child is in need of one. So whenever he has trouble sleeping, give him a glass of milk – make it better with a tablespoon of honey.


One tablespoon of honey is considered to be adequate for a good night’s sleep. Going into technicalities, honey has glucose which tells your brain to shut off oxerin. And what’s oxerin? The chemical known to trigger alertness.


Whole Grain Bread

Carbohydrates give energy, alright. That’s why they are great for a quick boost of energy. But taking them in huge chunks has a different effect. Carbs in whole grain spike up blood glucose level – but once it drops down, you feel drained of all energy. A carb-rich lunch will lead to a fulfilling mid-day sleep.

Sliced loaf of bread and knife
Sliced loaf of bread and knife

Dark Chocolate

This is something your child will never say no to. So its upto you to use this option wisely. Chocolate is renowned to be the best stress-buster. Let him have chocolate preferably during a difficult exam, when he is burdened under a lot of stress and is in desperate need of a sleep.





Caffeine… the unhealthy but powerful dark lord of all night owls. “Though caffeine does provide us with that feeling of alertness, it’s just a stimulant.” says Michelle Dudash, dietician. In other words, it provides no energy. So serve your child a cup of coffee when in urgent need of staying alert.



Aged Cheese

Munching on aged cheese during a late night study session can help your child last longer. The high levels of the amino acid tyramine keep sleep at bay.




Now who would have thought avoiding sleep could be so easy? If your child is feeling drowsy, that could be due to fatigue caused by dehydration. Recharge him with water and help him keep going. It is advisable to drink 8 glasses of water a day.



Milk Chocolate

Another one of your champ’s sweet delight. A milk chocolate contains tyrosine, which converts into dopamine and in turn causes alertness. Not to mention the stress-busting qualities. Let him savour it during the time of need.



No doubt this will be a testing time for both you and your child. But with these tips you can at least ensure it’s not an unhealthy one. Keep him on top of his health, so he can be on top of his studies. After all, future is made of nothing but consequences of present.