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Surprise your date by including these secret ingredients

When you are in love everything seems to be upside-down and beautiful. You often smile without any reason and daydreaming becomes your favorite pastime. And your excitement gets doubled when you fix a date with your loved one. Yes, your first date. It is the most memorable moment of your life, where you want everything to be perfect. You want to do everything possible to win the heart of that special someone in your life.

From the venue, décor, what you will wear, how you will look to scrumptious and delectable food, you check each and everything on your own to make sure that nothing gets out of order. Though everything is important, but a healthy and mouth-watering food palette can be the show-stopper and can play a starring role on your date. However, with the changing trends, food choices have also changed drastically. And according to some surveys, frozen yogurt, cheese, paneer and other dairy-made cuisines have been ruling the date menu lately, all across the world. They can be the secret ingredient to turn your first date into a long lasting one.

So, let’s have a look at the secret ingredients that can lighten up your date with some more love.

Frozen Yogurt – A date is always incomplete, if you do not have a touch of sweetness in it. And nothing can beat the tempting and sweet flavor of a frozen yogurt to melt the heart of your loved one. Be it any time of the day, try to make this sweet and enticing yogurt a part of your lovey-dovey moments. Add as many flavors as you want in your yogurt date. And don’t forget to top it with chocolate sprinkles, vanilla fillings and just see the magic of love unfurling between you two.


Chocolate Milk – Now, if you are planning for a workout date, picnic, cycling, dance class or any other idea, which involves physical activity, then Chocolate Milk date will be ideal. You can fuel-up your energies again with a glass of classic and rich chocolate milk. Add a twist of health and taste to your date with this drink and give a healthful beginning to your new relationship.


Breakfast Parfait – If your date is early in the morning, then this wonderful Parfait delight can save your date by giving it a right start. It will all be perfect, a wonderful venue, this amazing dessert and you two. Isn’t it? This dairy wonder also includes some vitamin-rich fruit and yes, ofcourse, cheese. So, for a peppy morning date, don’t forget to order this nutritionally and delightful dessert.


Feta & Spinach Couscous Patties – This tempting platter will surely win the heart of your loved one. Made with Feta, spinach and dill flavor, these patties make for a perfect evening date surprise. What adds more to the classic taste of this Greek-inspired meal is sliced lemon wedges and some whole-wheat pita bread. So, now you are ready to woo your loved one on your first date.


Mac & Cheese – Who doesn’t love to be pampered? This delighting taste of Mac & Cheese will be a great surprise to the taste buds. It’s a bowl full of homemade macaroni, cheese recipe, chopped and cooked mushrooms, peas and is topped with golden breadcrumbs, which will be the highlight in making your date a memorable one.


Multani Paneer Tikka – Paneer is one of the favorite cuisines when it comes to satiating taste buds. But, on your date, give this good ol’ dairy favorite a new makeover. The Multani Paneer is a twist of health and taste and is made of paneer and vegetables imbued with exotic herbs and spices, wrapped in a besan mixture. So, how about presenting your date with something new and different, something which they will surely love.


Feeling excited? Well, you have many reasons to feel that. However, these cuisines will taste perfect and healthy, if made from fresh milk and dairy products. One such endeavor of healthy eating is promoted by Mothers Pride Dairy through its pure and unadulterated milk and dairy products. So, add these secret dairy ingredients in your date and let the magic of love spread all around.