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Everyone needs an escape from the stressful journey that everyday life has become. And the need to destress is felt by everyone alike. Movies, music, camping, outings, sleep, tea, coffee – there is no dearth of options. But although effective in letting your senses escape your worries momentarily, there is not much else these sources can claim to improve.
So why not go for the option that provides mental as well as physical benefits? Why destress alone when you can improve your skin and body along with it? Acknowledged and appreciated by all, why not try the do-it-yourself milk bath? It’s simple, effective and delivers everything you expect it to.


There is not much you will be requiring. Have a look:

• 2 cups of powdered milk
• ½ cup cornstarch
• ½ cup baking soda
• Any essential oil

o Combine all these ingredients in a jar and shake well until all the powders are well mixed.
o Add a teaspoon of oatmeal, dry lavender or honey if you want to take your milk bath to another level.
o Add essential oil according to the strength of scent you wish for.
o Seal this mixture in a jar for a day before pouring half a cup of it in hot water and enjoying the bliss that follows.


Easy enough, isn’t it? And extremely bankable. If all you are looking for is to relieve your stress, you are in for a surprise. First and foremost, it softens the skin. The lactic acid present in milk helps clean the skin, leaving it soft and supple. A milk bath, therefore, prevents skin dryness. The natural fats present in milk may be good for your hair too.

Referring to the experts, WebMD – the most popular health website – says that moisturizing fats in milk help calm the redness from sunburn. And according to She Radiance Magazine, milk bath helps reduce skin irritation conditions like xerosis or eczema. However, do consult a dermatologist if the condition persists.

Lastly, milk bath also helps remove dry skin cells and encourage skin cell renewal.


So if it isn’t clear yet, let me say it straight away. There is no use wasting any more time! Experience the pleasure of a milk bath and bask in its enriching effects. There is a huge difference between imagining such comfort and experiencing it. All that stands between you and an hour of no worries, hot water and scented aroma is a day’s time. Still here? Get going, man!