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Monsoon has finally kicked in and our battle with waterlogged streets, traffic jams and laziness has begun. But along with all these is another season-long battle, the one that’s most important of them all – the battle against diseases. The waterlogged streets provide enough space for mosquitoes to breed, the temperature is comparatively lower so the germs too surface up. In short, monsoon is a true test of an individual’s health. And we understand the only reason you want to spend it snuggling in your bed is to enjoy the rains, not because you’ve been recommended bed rest by your doctor.

So here we are today with a bag of ideas for a healthy monsoon, and what will make it possible is nothing but the ever-reliable dairy. And yes, we are aware of all the advices you’ve received over the years of skipping dairy during monsoon and we will acknowledge they are half true. But don’t fear, because you lie in the safer half. The source of infection during monsoon includes unhygienic food, seafood and non-pasteurized dairy products, since they all are susceptible to germs. However, branded dairy products are processed in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities where chances of contamination are almost zero. Branded dairy products are pasteurized and transported in refrigerated vehicles, which ensures that they reach you in the healthiest form. So even during monsoon season they are safe for consumption.


What works best to fight off the diseases during monsoon is yogurt – trust home-made or branded one. The live bacteria culture present in yogurt crowd out the harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract and thus prevent a number of diseases and infections. Loaded with potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and vitamin B5 and B12; there is also barely any nutrient that yogurt consumption doesn’t add to the body. Apart from yogurt, count on buttermilk too as a healthy monsoon drink. There isn’t a tastier way of improving digestion, fighting acidity and soothing the stomach after a spicy meal than buttermilk. Add black salt, mint leaves, cumin & fennel seed powder to it to increase taste and nutrition.

Trust lemon, cardamom, turmeric, and pepper dominated food items to keep you healthier. These ingredients are quite effective if mixed in hot water and milk. You can also go for dry ginger powder, asafetida and fenugreek powder for the same results. Tea and coffee are also good options but not more than twice a day. Avoid eating dairy products like curd or cheese when eating out since there is a high chance that dairy products outdoors are infected. Eat dairy products prepared at home. When eating outside, opt for hummus. Its creamy texture resembles cottage cheese and it’s also rich in protein and fibre.

Also ensure that the food items are stored and handled properly. Any food item can get contaminated if not stored properly or touched with dirty hands. For dairy products, it is essential to keep them properly refrigerated and handle with clean hands.
So follow these dairy handling and diet ideas and ensure you can enjoy the rains without compromising on your health. Enjoy the rains, evade them or ignore them, just don’t let them interrupt your plans!