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Every muscular hunk, every gym trainer and every aspiring macho man will tell you the same thing – workout is important, but even more important is the diet. It is what we eat that determines how effective your workout is going to be and how long the results will take to appear on your physique. Load up on fats and there may not even be any use of your rigorous training regime and at the same time, a regular schedule of exercises with a proper diet of proteins and carbohydrates can work wonders.

These important nutrients are divided into two – pre-workout and post-workout. Pre-workout meals supply body with everything it will need to ensure optimal performance during the workout, while post-workout meals repair, replenish or recover the body.
Know the best food items to consume during these two phases so as to complement your workout and help you attain the perfect physique.


Fruit and Nut Bar: Dried fruits and nuts are rich in carbohydrates, which are absorbed by muscles. They also contain a good amount of fiber, protein and healthy fats that provide you enough energy for your workout & also keep your stomach full.

Nut bar

Yogurt/Greek Yogurt, Topped With Granola, Honey And Walnuts: Yogurt provides a mix of fast-and-slow digesting proteins in the form of whey and casein combination. Yogurt offers muscle-building amino acids to help lift heavier weights during the workout.

Yogurt with nuts

Peanut Butter Whole Grain Sandwich: Peanut butter provides a good amount of protein and boosts the testosterone levels before a heavy lifting session. The sugars and carbohydrates present in bread provide enough energy to last you through this session. For even better results, include sliced banana in the sandwich and boost up the potassium – preventing any muscle cramps.

Peanut butter sandwich

Smoothie: Made of fruits, yogurt and milk, a smoothie will act as a refreshing start to your session. The fruits boost up the carbohydrate level and provide energy. The yogurt and milk contain calcium, which helps with muscle contraction.


Sprouts and legumes: Rich in proteins and containing a decent amount of carbohydrates sprouts and legumes consist of both the things required the most for workout – proteins for muscle building and carbohydrates for stamina.

Sprouts and legumes


Whole Wheat Tuna Sandwich: Tuna is loaded with protein and omega-3 fatty acids and helps to combat post-workout inflammation – providing extra protection to your joints.

Whole Wheat Tuna Sandwich

Chocolate Milk: The refreshing taste of chocolate is just the thing you need after an intense workout. Containing water, protein and sugar; chocolate milk boosts of all the ingredients that a body needs post-workout. The protein aids in the repair of muscle fibers, and sugar restores the glycogen level.

Chocolate milk

Fresh Orange Juice with Omelette/ Boiled/ Scrambled Eggs: Eggs are rich in leucine, an amino acid which triggers protein synthesis in muscles. Egg whites keep the calories in check. Addition of red bell peppers to the omelette or eating it with a glass of orange juice provides vitamin C, which is essential for maintaining a healthy cartilage.


Baked sweet potato & cottage cheese: Sweet potato is a healthy carbohydrate dish and contains important nutrients like potassium and magnesium. The addition of cottage cheese to this dish provides the advantages of proteins, making it the perfect post-workout snack.

Sweet potato

Quinoa: Quinoa, along with a cup of cooked vegetables and chicken, makes for a snack that provides a body respite from the post-workout hunger. Carbohydrates present in the quinoa restore glycogen levels and the antioxidants in the vegetables and protein in the chicken repair muscle damage.


So start with your intense lifting and cardio right away and include these food items too in your schedule for better and faster results. Finally and most importantly, remember to be devoted to exercise and diet if you want to boost about your bulging biceps and flexing thighs one day.