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Yummilicious party snacks for kids

Come a special occasion for your kid and you start thinking about the many ways that can make the day special and memorable for your little one. Well, one of the best surprises for your kid can be hosting a party and inviting all their friends. That means, you have to do a lot of homework to make this party a successful one. From décor, fun activities, theme to food, you have to make sure that everything goes out smoothly. However, the most complex part of hosting a party can be to decide a healthy yet delicious menu for kids.

But, the one tip that can really help you in finalizing the menu is to check with the parents of kids invited to the party, if they have any kind of allergy or other problem. And this will enable you to shape a menu, which will ensure a safe and fun time for all the kids. Now moving on to the choices of snacks, you can go for something that will be both moth-watering and nutritious. Don’t worry, as here’s the list of delicious details for the party.

Veggies, Fruit and Cheese Platter – Now thinking of healthy snacks at a party is no more a complicated endeavor, as this platter of Veggies, Fruits and Cheese is both yummy and healthy. Blending the aroma and lip-smacking taste of cheese sticks with fresh veggies and fruits such as carrot, celery, sticks, radish slices, bananas, apple slices, will be a sure –shot winner with the kids. And this will also fulfill your wish of serving something nutritious and good-for-you food.


Banana and hazelnut yogurt fruit dip – Now this one is a classic and your kid would love to savor it again and again. Now days, Yogurt has become a favorite of everyone, and ofcourse kids too. You have to blend together the goodness of yogurt, chocolate hazelnut spread and some fruits including banana in the sliced form and apple cut into thin wedges and you are good to go with a healthy and crispy snack.


Blueberry yogurt muffins – “I don’t love to eat muffins”, said no kid ever. And this recipe will be a big blockbuster hit among the kids. Mix flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, canola oil and frozen blueberries. Add vanilla yogurt in the muffins that will turn them moist and tender. And, you are all set to add some sweetness in the celebrations.


Cheesy Snacks – Some cheese with a twist of healthy veggies is also a good option to pamper the taste buds of your kids. The ooey-gooey flavor and aroma of fresh cheese baked in the form of mozzarella sticks, topped with capsicum, tomatoes, mushrooms, served with some marinara sauce and see your kids enjoying and having fun all the time at the party.


Cashew Cream, Basil and Mint chutney Sandwich – This is the best alternative for a snack, which will not only fuel up the stomach of kids, but will also be a delight for them. All you need is 15 minutes to prepare this snack. Made from the raw cashew cream and with the added goodness of basil and mint chutney that will provide quality nutrients, proteins and fats essential for the body this nutritious snack will also give the sandwich a tempting and colorful look. You can also tomato slices and serve it with fresh home-made chutney to make it flavorful and to keep the kids fuller for a longer time.


So, are you all set to party with your kids? Serve kids with these yummilicious recipes made from fresh dairy products. Pure and unadulterated Dairy products are not only safe to consume, but are healthy too and Mothers Pride Dairy endeavor to make these healthy with fresh and unadulterated milk and other dairy products!