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It won’t be wrong to say that the more urban life is advancing, the more distant it is becoming from rural areas. While in cities our lives are surrounded with hi-tech technology, modern fashion and complicated culinary masterpieces; the problem of malnutrition still grips quite a few rural regions of this advancing nation. This year, Freshmen’s Valley decided to celebrate National Nutrition Week (1st to 7th September) on 2nd September by tackling this issue along with health workers from Anganwadi and ASHA for women of Sambhal district.

Freshmen’s Valley organized an interactive health talk on management of malnutrition and menstruation with the females of the village wherein the importance of role and nutrition was highlighted with the help of educational tools like presentations, charts, posters, folders etc. The session aimed at developing an understanding of various causes and factors related to malnutrition and listing out symptoms and treatments for the diseases associated with it. The precautions that can be taken like balanced diet, healthy food and low cost home-made food items for children were suggested. Audience was made aware on the facts and figures related to health and malnutrition status prevalent in children, girls and adult women in India.

The second part of the session focused on raising awareness and sensitization of menstrual hygiene management in females. Understanding of growth and reproductive cycle in females took centre stage in a bid to spread awareness about the ill-assumed topic of menstruation. Information regarding the causes, factors and process of menstruation was provided and taboos and facts associated with it were explained for future ease. The role of a healthy diet and importance of practicing hygiene and sanitation during menstruation was emphasized. There was also a demonstration of new and latest technologies and methods to get relief during menstrual cycle like tampons, menstrual cups, compostable sanitary napkins etc. along with some suggested home remedies for treating pain, irregular cycle and other problems.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Tanya Joshi – Team Leader, CSR Initiatives at Freshmen’s Valley said, “It has been our continuous endeavor to grow ourselves along with the community of the region. We are sensitive towards the fact that our society requires assistance to develop their ecosystem where they are able to maintain a good livelihood and maintain a healthy living. As a socially responsible brand, we have been making consistent efforts to develop the region since our inception. We are positive that with time, the efforts made by all would reap good results.

The talk aimed at promoting women empowerment by giving women the control of their health and the ideas struck chord with the attendees as they too shared that they had never attended any such useful meeting in their past. Betterment of society as a whole has always been the ideology of Freshmen’s Valley along with providing quality milk to ensure a healthy nation and this celebration of National Nutrition Week was certainly another step towards it. With more such initiatives in the future, Freshmen’s Valley plans to continue on its journey towards a better world.