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“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” This quote by Brigham Young is certainly a lesson to abide by. An educated woman can impart her education to an entire community, thereby contributing to the progress of the society. But unfortunately, there are quite a few dark corners in India which remain to be lighted by education. Adhering to their Corporate Social Responsibilities, Mothers Pride Dairy brand Freshmen’s Valley decided to strike one corner off that list, and celebrate the International Women’s Day with the women of Sambhal district, to engage them in recreational activities and also impart the knowledge of the importance of women in the world.


Freshmen’s Valley plant of Sambhal hosted the celebration on 8th of March, which included events of both entertainment and education. It was supervised by Ms. Tanya Joshi, a Senior nutritionist and dietician at Freshmen’s Valley. The objective was to develop a strong sentiment towards girl education as a powerful means of overcoming gender boundaries.

The session commenced at 11:30 in the morning with the screening of Bollywood movie ‘Welcome to Sajjanpur’ which, although a satirical movie, depicts the rural life beautifully while giving the message that overcoming challenges are not only possible but also leads to better and meaningful life. The idea behind the movie screening was to show the women something they can relate to, and hence imparts the knowledge that overcoming difficulties is not impossible for someone like them. This was followed by some other recreational and engaging activities, to spread a delightful mood among the women.
The recreational activities were followed by a serious discussion on education, wherein Ms. Tanya Joshi gave the slogan, ‘Kandhe se kandha milaye, mahilaye ab age aayen.’ (March shoulder with shoulder, women step forward now.) She also spread Brigham Young’s message and elaborated on it that it is only through girl education that women can learn to be self-dependent and strengthen the idea of women empowerment. Other messages of staying healthy, rising against domestic violence, standing for one another and learning from each other were also conveyed. The audience was also exposed to empowering stories of women of substance to inspire and motivate them.

The event concluded with various contests wherein the winners were honoured with a reward and left for home after a fun and refreshing break from daily chores. Ms. Tanya Joshi shared her insights regarding the campaign by talking about the commitment of Freshmen’s Valley to help local women tap their full potential and become self-reliant both socially and economically.

This initiative by Mothers Pride Dairy’s brand Freshmen’s Valley has bright intentions for a better future for women, which in turn will lead to an improved community. But the fact that these lessons need not only be learned but also applied is for the women to take care of. Hopefully, this was a Women’s Day celebration that would stay with them for years.