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We must speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Cattle, one of our holiest animal breeds, provide us with a lot more than we thank them for. Their milk helps us not only stay healthy, but provides such a wide variety of byproducts that we can’t help feeling indebted to them. But how can we show our gratitude towards them in return? By showing our care, which will help us to rear a healthier breed and ultimately provide us only with better quality milk.

Freshmen’s Valley recently acted upon these words and stepped into the area of cattle care by organizing free veterinary camps in villages in Sambhal district. The first camp was held at Chandankati Mauja village on 29 July, 2016, followed by a second camp at Satadwadi village on 9 August, 2016. The camps are organized frequently and Freshmen’s Valley plans to reach to all the villages of area like Amroha, Gajraula, Chandausi etc.

The initiative aims at ensuring proper hygiene and treatment of cattle and is conducted under the Clean Milk Production Program. Awareness sessions for villagers are held at the camps, wherein doctors suggest the best prevention, care and diet practices for cattle. Apart from that, special trainings are also conducted by the procurement and quality teams highlighting the ways to improve and increase milk quantity and quality and check and prevent adulteration.

The camps also addressed common issues and diseases associated with cattle, like infertility, repeat breeding, worms and insects, liver fluke, skin infections etc. which hamper milk production and quality. Free of cost treatment and medicines were provided in the camps by Freshmen’s Valley for the benefit of both farmers and cattle. The medicines included dewormers; mineral mixtures; energy, calcium, vitamin and amino acid ayurvedic supplements; parasitic insect killers like round worms, tape worms, skin creams etc to increase the milk quality and quantity.

With these vet camps, Freshmen’s Valley intends to care not only for the cattle herds across Sambhal district but also the large masses that will eventually benefit with quality milk consumption. It’s time we looked after them as they do after us and provide whatever we can in every way possible. And with this philosophy Freshmen’s Valley forays into cattle caring.