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Freshmen’s Valley Boosts Employees’ Well-being with Yoga
Freshmen’s Valley Boosts Employees’ Well-being with Yoga

Yoga is the perfect antidote to sitting at a desk all day, and a tool that can help maintain the balance between professional and personal life by keeping you healthy. Though yoga cannot eliminate stress completely in one day, with time it helps dealing with it easier. And the postures not only keep the body disease free and muscles stronger (that help in working for longer hours comfortable), but also reduces the stress and tension that is often blamed on work pressure.

While many organizations overlook its benefits that actually can be a boon for the workplace’s success, Freshmen’s Valley encouraged their employees to embrace the beauty of this age-old tradition with a yoga session organized on the 14th of January this year.

Leaving no stone unturned to ensure every employee benefits from the session, highly trained yoga trainers were invited from Delhi. The session took place at the factory, and was held in two rounds to accommodate everyone who was keenly excited about the session. Both phases saw a positive response with the involvement of over 60 employees including plant head, production managers & officers, procurement managers, field supervisors, quality, safety, IT & admin staff, machine operators, shift officers, electricians, security workers, and all laborers.

The key objective of this session was to develop employee engagement, spirit of belongingness, motivation and confidence about work, help maintain peaceful and positive attitude for work & personal life, avoid anger & stress, thus become mentally and physically fit. A healthy employee eventually leads to a productive business after all.

The trainers also shared insights on the impact of stress and unhealthy eating patterns, and how yoga can help fight these. This session benefitted the employees and they now look forward to many more such sessions to lead a better life.

Highly satisfied by the step taken for employees, Ms Shalini Choudhary, Founder and Director of Freshmen’s Valley quoted, “Through these yoga sessions our aim is to develop a healthy balance between mind and body, and thus build sense of humanity, peace, harmony & positive thinking in our life. We can increase our company’s productivity only through a positive attitude, and a healthy mind & body. I am glad to see our Prime Minister promoting yoga at international levels, and how successfully yoga is playing a key role to promote his vision of Young India – Fit India.”