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It is necessary to march with the changing times in order to create your own identity in the world. And while our farmers contribute a lot towards a healthy growth of this world, the world fails to keep them up with the changing times. So while urban life has been accustomed with skyscrapers, automobiles and computer technology, rural areas are still deprived of all this. In an effort to reduce this gap, Freshmen’s Valley opened an IT skill development center – Computer Literacy center in recent past.

On 27th September 2016, a convocation ceremony was held at the center in which 70 students, across 3 batches, were given certificates by Vivid Foundation for successfully completing a 15 days basic computer learning course. In addition, the hard work put in by the top 5 students was also appreciated by handing out special trophies and certificates to them.

The ceremony included a lot more than award distribution as students counseling session was carried on importance and benefits of computer education, internet learning, telephones and other electronic devices – their use and benefits, computer training and employment. The trained students were encouraged not to limit their education till basic level only but to pursue it further to have a prosperous future.

The students were motivated to spread this learning program facility to their friends, family and other people as well so that more and more people benefit from it. To encourage them a special plan is being made to include students who wish to volunteer in marketing activity and they will be benefitted through some good ways.

Interactive, fun learning activities which included an essay writing competition were also conducted in the ceremony. The top 10 students with highest scores were given prizes and trophies. Students shared their experience about computer learning, how they knew nothing about it and had no exposure but now they have knowledge for basic computer and internet operation, they can easily handle MS word, Power point, Excel, Emails and other electronic devices. They were excited and encouraged to be a part of this computer learning program and want to learn advance computer courses as well.

Acknowledging the efforts put in by their mentors, center manager and other staff members were also given special prizes. Freshmen’s Valley intends to continue on its path of rural welfare and hopes to impart computer education to even more people in the coming times.