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Diabetes, bone health, calcium deficiency… There are a lot of health issues that cattle milk helps us with and while we may show our gratitude by offering them good quality fodder, there’s certainly much more we can do. They can’t express their discomfort and their illness becomes evident only when the symptoms appear, which makes it all the more important to take proper care of cattle. Not only will it help in ensuring a hygienic herd but also lead to good quality milk production, which will benefit us only.

Recognizing this essential need for cattle healthcare, Freshmen’s Valley recently stepped into the area of cattle care by organizing free veterinary camps in villages of Aligarh district. The first camp was organized among the natives of Sirsa village, Atrauli on 14th September 2016. Freshmen’s Valley plans to conduct more such camps on a frequent basis to propagate the merits and means of proper cattle healthcare.

The vet camp provided free of cost treatment and medicines for common cattle diseases like infertility, swelling, worm infection, diarrhea, weakness, indigestion, anorexia and skin infections. High quality cattle feed was also provided to the farmers. The medicines distributed at the camp included dewormers, mineral mixtures, parasitic insect killers, and energy, calcium, vitamin and amino acid ayurvedic supplements which help to increase overall milk quality and quantity.

The doctors and the procurement team held an awareness session to inform the farmers about checking and preventing adulteration, role of a good diet, maintaining sanitation & hygiene conditions; all of which will help increase their overall income. A question answer session was also organized between farmers and doctors where various questions of farmers regarding general handling of cattle and specific diseases like swelling in chest, swelling and inflammation in udder, fractures, severe loss of appetite and weight etc. were answered by the doctors.

The camp, conducted under Freshmen’s Valley’s clean milk production program was a successful event as nearly 80 farmer registrations were done in the camp. These camps are conducted in association with government officials – chief veterinary officer of Livestock board and his team members – and with their further support, Frehsmen’s Valley intends to do propagate such useful information to other villages as well, for only milk obtained from healthy cattle will lead to stronger masses.