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Freshmen’s Valley Successfully Hosts The Last Vet Camp Of 2016
Freshmen’s Valley Successfully Hosts The Last Vet Camp Of 2016

Realizing the need for improvised and advanced cattle healthcare, Freshmen’s Valley has successfully organized many free vet camps over the year 2016.

As per Mrs. Shalini Choudhary, Director at Freshmen’s Valley: The motto behind such camps is to help the cattle through experts in the veterinary field to look for symptoms and relieve them of any illness. Thus helping their owners take better care of them. These camps have seen a large number of farmers participating to know about the latest in cattle healthcare and discuss their problems with the experts and doctors. The vet camp in the past has also provided medicines for the cattle that helped the farmers nurture healthy animals, and eventually gain more profit in business.

The last camp for the year 2016 was organized on 28th December. This camp took place at Raja ka Majhola village in district Sambhal. This free vet camp got a huge response from farmers with almost 100 registrations.

The camp took off with a session on livestock awareness by doctors and the procurement team. This session aimed towards educating the farmers on how to improve, and increase the milk quantity; ways to check for and prevent adulteration; best methods for disease prevention in herds; what role does a good diet play; best ways to maintain sanitation and hygienic conditions in the farm and around animals. This session encouraged the farmers ask questions related to their cattle’s health and their overall well-being.

The doctors also treated the cattle for diseases like mastitis, skin infections, worm infection, swelling, indigestion, diarrhea, infertility, repeat breeding, weakness, anorexia, liver fluke, etc. The farmers were also given medicines, free of cost, like deworming, worms & insect killers, anti-diarrheal, etc. They also received high quality cattle feed, mineral mixtures, and much more to ensure their cattle eats healthy.

This camp conducted in association with the Chief Veterinary Officer of the Livestock Board, and team members of Freshmen’s Valley benefitted the farmers towards quality milk production.