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Go Green Initiative by Mothers Pride Dairy
Go Green Initiative by Mothers Pride Dairy

As a first step towards going green, Mothers Pride Dairy has introduced its “Go Green” initiative. The initiative is aimed to increase the awareness and use of eco-friendly practices, conservation of natural resources, maintaining the natural ecological balance in the environment, preserving the planet and its natural systems and resources. The initiative by Mothers Pride Dairy is to contribute towards a better environment and society with a future-oriented approach.

As a part of the processMothers Pride Dairy would use non-conventional sources of energy such as Solar Power and Bio Gas with the focus on conserving energy and nature. The objective behind using these sources is that both the sources are important for maintaining an ecological balance as they are non-polluting in nature and can produce efficient electricity.

Mothers Pride Dairy will also introduce the use of renewable sources in villages by installing solar lights, which will enhance the business productivity and overall economic activity of these areas.The state-of-the-art technologies implemented in this process ensure maximum working efficiency and only a small amount of maintenance is required, which lowers the production cost, making it a cost effective system.Mothers Pride Dairy believes that every small “Green” step taken today can prevent the waste of natural resources.

Continuing with the commitment towards environmental protection and to keep it green, Mothers Pride Dairy,have also planted around 500 trees. Being actively involved in the process of conserving natural resources, the management of the company also volunteered in the process of planting trees. With the successful implementation of this program the brand aims to promote the practice of utilizing sustainable methods to improve the society and the environment. With their every CSR initiative comes a responsibility to make the world a better place!