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Sahayak –A Mothers Pride Dairy Initiative for Introducing Transparency in Payment Processes
Sahayak –A Mothers Pride Dairy Initiative for Introducing Transparency in Payment Processes

“Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy”, is a true saying. Farmers contribute towards the welfare of the society in more ways than it is acknowledged by the community. With this belief and to enunciate the systems of farming for a better growth, Mothers Pride Dairy organized a two day event “Sahayak” on 8th and 9th August, 2015.

The concept behind organizing this event was to bring forward the obstacles faced by the farmers in their day-to-day dairy farming activities. Though the dairy industry has been through an evolution and has come a long way, but there are still many corners of the country where farmers are not aware about the benefits they can acquire using the advanced methods and processes of dairy farming. So, to bridge this gap between the farmers and dairy processing units, Mothers Pride has taken this initiative.

The event highlighted the issues such as shortage of feed, the intervention of the middleman and adulteration in milk. However, with the recent developments adulteration in milk has become a major concern for the dairy industry. At the event, Mothers Pride Dairy discussed at length the factors that lead to milk adulteration such as the large gap between the demand and supply, which results in mixing of adulterants to increase the milk quantity, involvement of too many intermediaries in the milk collection procedures and non- availability of funds at the right time. To eradicate all these issues and making the process reliable,Mothers Pride Dairy has introduced a transparent and a safer payment system with Vodafone M-Pesa. The objective of this process is to simplify the farmers payment process with real time cash payment availability making it more reliable and transparent.
The initiative also aimed at benefiting Sahayaks’ with the introduction of RBH (Rural Business Hub) concept. Through this process the Mothers Pride Dairy will develop Rural E-commerce setup for villages to reach to manufacturers, which will ultimately reduce the merchandise cost.

One of the objectives of this program was to up skill the farmers through rural computer training system, educating farmers about the various government schemes and helping them to avail scheme benefits. Mothers Pride Dairy will also assist with the Banking and financial activities such as timely assistance in bank loans, medical claim, crop insurance and fodder loan.
The seminar concluded by empowering farmers and Sahayaks’ with all the beneficial prospects that will contribute towards the growth of the dairy industry!