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Sahayak-Mothers Pride Dairy’s initiative to introduce a different style of leadership in Dairy Farming
Sahayak-Mothers Pride Dairy’s initiative to introduce a different style of leadership in Dairy Farming

A farm includes the passion of the farmer’s desires and the interest of the farm’s customers, but the recent drawbacks of adulteration, complicated payment processes and intrusion of the middleman has made farming an erratic process. An incessant wave of milk adulteration process all across the country has made farmers and customers, the ones who are bearing the brunt of this deed. So, in the constant endeavor to eliminate this stumbling block from the way of fresh and unadulterated dairy products Mothers Pride Dairy organized another Sahayak event.

The event was held on 8th November, 2015 at Sambhal Village, Moradabad. The event aimed at making the Sahayaks empowered, self-sufficient and aware about the latest techniques, safe payment processes and reliable operational processes. A high-yielding and rich farming requires a different style of leadership and believing in this fact Mothers Pride Dairy also addressed the role and objectives of the Sahayak in the farming process.
Explaining further, the event also highlighted the foundation of the Sahayak’s role in supplying pure and unadulterated milk, which are honesty and commitment. They will act as a connector between the farmers and the company. Not only this, they will also take care of all the issues and queries faced by the farmers and will support and advise them about how they can avoid the problem of adulteration in dairy products.

The initiative by Mothers Pride Dairy is also aligned with an objective to extend help for a safe, transparent payment process and smooth operational process. During the event Sahayak’s were informed about the operational processes of registration through which everything will become systematic and hassle-free. They were also explained how to fill the form and not to accept low quality milk from the farmers to maintain its quality. The Sahayak were also told about the one-of-its-kind process of quality check – SNF Test and to follow this process religiously, which will ensure that the milk is unadulterated and safe to consume.

Apart from that, the representatives from Mothers Pride Dairy also introduced the Vodafone payment system and association with Syndicate Bank (Bank Mitra), which will ensure safe, smooth and seamless payment transactions. Through this process, a timely, reliable, real time cash availability and transparent payment process are ensured for the farmers.

The event also introduced the best-in-class transportation process designed using state-of-the-art techniques and GPS system installed in the vans, which will help in maintaining the quality check of milk. The GPS will be alerted every time the door is opened, which means no chances of milk getting adulterated on the way.

Under the aegis of this initiative, Sahayak were also given the demonstration of the quality check machine and were divided into the groups as this process started. This machine will further test the quality of milk in 7 other parameters, which will eradicate all these issues.
The initiative provides an industry-first platform for the Sahayaks as they were told about the overall growth of the area in terms of skill development, providing education to children and providing Vet doctor support.

At Mothers Pride Dairy, corporate social responsibility is not merely compliance; it is a commitment to undertake initiatives that are designed for the benefits of the customers and the farmers. The event was a success and equally appreciated by the Sahayaks in working together and contributing most towards real wealth, good morals and happiness!