Our Processing unit is located within the vicinities of milk producing areas with automated machines which in turn streamline the overall process.

Our Process

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    The Milk of Healthy Breed is collected in a container which is then taken to our milk processing centers.

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    Bulk Milk Cooler

    The Milk is transferred from the collection point to BMC in GPS enabled insulated trucks. SNF and fat Testing is done after the milk reaches BMC. The Milk is then transferred from BMC to the processing unit.

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    Processing and Packaging

    Sampling milk is taken from the storage tank to be tested. The milk is then transferred from the Insulated trucks to milk silos which afterwards is processed and packaged.

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    Milk Distribution

    Sample testing is conducted for the packaged milk that’s distributed by insulated trucks to retailers. Retailers distribute the milk to our consumers. We also pay surprise visits to our retailers for quality checks.

  • pro5

    Sophisticated decontamination and pasteurization procedures ensure that the products being delivered are high quality and safe to consume.

Hygiene Practices

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